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Welcome to Mertie's This and That

Gifts, Collectables, Furniture, Antiques, and Resale Shop

Shop for gifts, collectables, furniture, antiques, and finer resale items at Mertie's This and That. Mertie even sells potted plants. And, yes, you can find clothes and bling, too. Mertie takes frequent shopping trips. So as items sell, others quickly take their place on the shelves. Each visit to the shop is a treat since you are never sure just what you will find. If you see something you like in the photos, hurry on by to get it before before it is sold.

This is a friendly place to stop and shop. Why, just the other day a customer asked about the piano for sale. Mertie sat in the recliner next to the piano while the lady played songs from the sheet music Mertie had on hand. Yes, you get to sit and chat for a bit when you come by. Mertie keeps a couple of chairs just for visits.

Special Sales and Prizes

Mertie's sales icon

Often there are whole categories of items on sale at Mertie's This and That. The best way to keep up with what is currently on sale is to read the blog. Somewhere within the last few postings some discounted items will be mentioned. Look for the sales button to find the sales lists on the blog, Talking about This and That.

The blog discusses ways to recycle, repurpose, and resuse a myriad of items that make a house a home. There are interviews of local artisans and small business owners along with the occasional comments on the local events and locations of interest.

There is another reason to read the blog. If you comment on the blog, and mention it to Mertie when next you visit the shop, you might be among the ones to get a special gift. The blog posting will explain it to you whenever this event is underway.

Typical Items to be Found Here

collage of china cups, dishes, potted cactus, slow cooker, and Fenton vases in the kitchenware available at Mertie's This and That
Close-up of a few Items
the left side of the shop Mertie's This and That with tables, china, kitchenware and more
To the left of the front door is the kitchenware area, tables and chairs, china and more.
wicker baskets, framed print,  and rag dollsred chair, round end table, and prints at Mertie's This and That
Get these baskets, or rag dolls; relax in this elegant chair; buy these at Mertie's This and That